Sunday, August 24, 2008

We weathered Fay with only minimal damage. Some branches down and other minor things.

Except for one.

Seems we had a leak by the bedroom AC unit. Didn't notice it until tonight since the floor (and stuff on the floor) around it was dry. Went to clean off the table underneath it so we could set up a new fan and...

The bin I had on the table was full of water. Soapy water at that. You see, that bin was full of glycerin soaps, a couple of bath bombs, and batch or two of massage bars. Lucky for me, the batch of CP rose soap that was "in" the bin was actually in a plastic bag and mostly supported out of the water. The couple of bars that got a touch wet are back up on the drying rack with little (if any) damage.

Due to the glycerin dew and water damage, the dozen or so 4oz glycerin soaps are totally unsellable. So, we now have them all in the shower, along with the other three bars we already had going. Everything else in the bin just got chucked into the trash. The massage bars were probably still good but, well, oil + water = petri dish. Safer just to toss them.

As much as I love Bramble Berry's Winter Grapefruit and Sleigh Ride fragrances, I'm going to be really really sick of both before too long. If it gets too bad, I might just end up throwing most of the bars out.