Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Customer Service Rant

Ok, so I strayed away from my tried and true vendors for fragrances...but only because Bramble Berry doesn't have a rosewood FO. *Nudges Anne-Marie**Aims pleading looks towards Bellingham* (Can she resist puppy dog eyes? Hrm....)

The prices were decent, their suggested usage rate was a smidgen higher than I'm used to but not by much, and they had test notes (accelerates trace, discolors, doesn't do either, etc) so I thought I'd give them a shot.

Oils came in today, and most of them smell like I expected. So far so good, right?

Soooo....why will I NEVER order from this company again?

Because I placed the order on March 14th. That's right, over a month ago.

After two weeks of getting nothing but the automated email saying my order was processed (along with the comment that that was the only invoice that I would be getting from them) I went to their site to check the order status. There was a notice on the site saying that they were going to be closed from the 21st to the 28th but any orders placed before 3 pm (no timezone provided) on the 21st would be processed before closing. No warning bells at that time, because my order had been placed a week before they were closed and my invoice stated "Please allow up to 3 business days for your order to ship during normal business days. This excludes sales, weekends and holidays" (I had factored in weekends and hadn't ordered any sale items.)

I popped in my order number in the field provided for checking status and.... my order "could not be located." Ok... so I could have mistyped it...

I copied and pasted from my invoice email. Nada.

I chose the option for "forgot/lost order number". I got an automated email saying I'd receive the information within 24 hours. Three days later I tried again and got the same email. At that point, I tried emailing directly from the invoice I had received and.... got...

I searched the website; no customer service number anywhere. Only an email address...but a different one than I had tried before. So, I tried it.

You guessed it. Same email response.

I'll admit it. I started spamming the boxes. One email as close to 24 hours and a minute after the last response as I could.

I never did get any acknowledgement from their staff, only the automated email response.

My package was sent via 2 day delivery (I had only requested standard ground) so I guess they got tired of me and did their best to shut me up.

Funny.... all they had to do was to let me know that my order was received and was being processed, or delayed because of XYZ, or... well, just give some acknowledgement of my existence from a frigging human being!

Oh, and the email I received over and over?

"Thank you for your order with Soap Silly! If there are any problems with your order, we will contact you within 24 hours.

Have a great day!

Soap Silly Staff

We appreciate your business and hope you will shop with us again soon! Please tell your friends about us!

At least I'm honoring half their request.


Anne-Marie said...

Oh drat, I'm sorry you had a bad experience. And I'm even more sorry that we didn't have a line of products full enough to meet 100% of your soaping needs =) I'll totally start to source out that EO for you. =)

SingingWolf said...

AM, I’m sorry I ever strayed, can you forgive?

I’ll admit, that there are a few other vendors I use for herbs, my M&P, or pure EO blends…mostly because they are small (tiny) one-woman-out-of-her-home shops that are pretty specialized. Or when I have to make a bulk container purchase from WSP, it just makes sense to pick up that 1oz of mica I need at the same time...

On a whole, though, I’ve not yet found a match to BB’s fragrance oil selection, quality, and customer service.