Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh my, time flies. 2 months since my last post! My sincere apologies to the folks who still check in here once and a while...

The corporate world has left me so stressed and exhausted that I've really fallen behind on my soap making. I must get that corrected since my inventory of both Dragon's Blood and Lavender soaps are almost depleted. I've also got at least 15-20 fragrances that I haven't done anything other than sniff and drool over. On the plus side, stress levels took a major nose-dive this afternoon.

My Body Butter is now limited to Vanilla Bean, Lavender, and Dragon's Blood since they are the ones that sell on a regular basis. I may make the occasional special batch of something else but since my minimum batch is a pound, I don't see many special requests being done.

On the other hand, I'm now testing "Body Kisses". Mini (think the size of peppermint hard candies) massage/lotion bars that are packed 6 to a tin that is the perfect size to tuck into a purse. A single kiss is more than enough for two people to swap back rubs. I can do these as custom orders and am trying out a shea butter based as well as a cocoa butter based recipe. So far, the cocoa butter ones seem to be better for massages since they melt on skin contact a tad quicker and may end up being the finalist...except for the occasional custom shea butter batch for a WoW guild buddy who is allergic to all things cocoa. (No chocolate... EVER... poor woman, how can she survive? Allergies are bad enough that someone using a cocoa butter based lotion in the cubical next to her meant they had to call an ambulance to rush her to the ER.)

In other news, I received an order of soaps and shampoos from Little Shadow Creations today. Everything smells absolutely lovely and the post card she included is going to be framed and hung over my computer until my soaping studio is set up. I want to use the soaps now! I'm making myself wait until later this evening.


DJ said...

Just checking in, glad to see that you are O.K. Hope you get some time to have fun making soap and such, soon.
Hugs, DJ in SW MI

Little Shadow Creations said...

~Out blog surfing this morning, glad to see ya! Thanks for the friendly mention. I am glad you like the post card. I love eagle & wolf pics.:)

Anne-Marie said...

Glad that you're going to be back to actively soaping - it's such an awesome creative outlet for me so hopefully it will help with your stressful corporate job =)