Thursday, February 7, 2008

February Art Walk

A better crowd than last month. Quite a few questions tossed at me about the benefits of handmade soap, quite a few "ooohs and ahhs" over both the Artisan Bars and the Limited Edition Glycerin soaps,and quite a few folks who didn't buy anything this time walked off with information sheets.

My favorite comment of evening came from a young lady who very happily walked off with a bar of the Honey and Oats and a bar of Lavender soap towards the end of the night. "I came round the corner to get alcohol [we set up in the 'bar half' of Cafe 331] and I end up buying soap first! *HUGE GRIN* I'm so excited!"

These two are actually from January's Art Walk:

With the addition of the glycerin soaps and extra documentation this month; I had to move to a slightly different layout. Also, I wanted to keep the matching Body Butters and Artisan Bars together. Since my current packaging, documentation, and pricing information was all black and white I decided to drop the green background and just go with the dark tablecloths used at the cafe. I thought it looked very striking and will probably stick with this going forward.

Now for a few close ups (still having trouble with the focus on close up shots, and the set up pictures, above, show the actual shades better for the pinks on the love birds and the candy hearts.) Oh yeah, the background is my work table which got quite a few soap dribbles on it last weekend...

Rich Dark Chocolate Hearts:

English Rose "Candy" Hearts

English Rose Love Birds (The pink in the picture is pretty accurate on my monitor. The Candy Hearts were the exact same shade.)

The Cupid Hearts were a bit more complex...mostly as a result of having made just a smidgen to much soap from the ones above and because I wanted to see how the scents blended (beautifully, that is.) The hearts are English Rose, the arrow is Rich Dark Chocolate, and the base is Jasmine Dreams. I really wish the opalescent of the base showed in the picture. The red in the opal picks up the pink of the hearts quite well.


DJ said...

Very nice display. Looks very professional. Love the hearts and other artisan bars.
Hugs, DJ in SW MI, USA

Anne-Marie said...

My fave out of the photos is the Dark Chocolate Hearts. I think that the extra touch of the swirl frosting is very classy and adds an interesting texture to the soap.

SingingWolf said...

DJ, thanks so much!

AM, funny thing about new supervisor got one of those hearts yesterday, where my old supervisor got one of the heart and arrows and thier boss got one of the lovebirds.

He was feeling a bit slighted (and trying to hide it) until I pointed out that 1) I didn't have any non florals other than the chocolate and 2) That freehand swirl of frosting was a pain to do. Ruined many more bars (white M&P too hot and melted the heart, too thin and just puddled, etc) than came out... I started with eight hearts and only three survived the experience.