Friday, February 1, 2008

Disasters happen....Kudos on Customer Service

I'm very rarely one to throw a fit because something came in damaged during shipping because...well.. $#@% happens. The fit usually comes when I report the issue and it takes forever to either receive a response, a replacement, or a credit.

This time there is no hint of a fit.

I've bragged on Bramble Berry many times in the past. Their FOs are phenomenal (I swear, I'm a BB FO junkie!), the order turn around time is fantastic (except when I do something stupid like placing an order when they are doing year end inventory... my own fault since I remember reading about it over on AM's blog) and the prices are definitely in a good range.

I need to brag on them again. This time, focusing on a very recent experience.

[Excerpt from my email to them last night]

My package was waiting on my doorstep when I got home this evening. It smelled luscious which, when still boxed, taped up, and a few feet away on my front porch, is never a good sign...


Basically, the cap of one of my new FO's and the FO sample they sent me were slightly loose (which could have happened during shipping). Not enough for the entire bottle of the Sea Moss to drip out (I'm guess-timating I lost about 1/4 bottle) but enough of the sample to only leave a few drops of the very luscious Wasabi FO. Huge mess of "melted" packing peanuts and a very sticky and soaked corner of a new soap beveler. (The rest of the order came through in tip top shape)

Less than a full business day later I have an email thanking me for my feedback, notice that replacement for the Sea Moss and the beveler as well as a new Wasabi sample will be in the mail today, and advice (asked for) on how to cut the scent (A few undiluted drops spilled is enough to scent the living room) and do a proper clean up of the spilled FO's.

Along with the fantastic turn around time on the response and the product replacement promise, I obviously did not receive a standard form letter. It was personable and friendly while still addressing my concerns. (With many companies I've dealt with, getting a response in less than three business days is a miracle...and then it's usually a very generic response. Organic Creations also has a very quick response time with personal response, so that comment doesn't apply there...)

All in all, pretty damn fantastic in a cyber world where I've seen vendors forget that there is a real person who is being impacted by what they may consider a minor "oops, *shrug* shit happens" incident.

Come to think of it, pretty damn fantastic for any company.

If I weren't already a fan because of the products, this would have won me over completely. AM knows how to hire the right folks and her team deserves some major kudos.


DJ said...

I have had the same experience with BB. Just a little glitch, but handled so very well, as tho it was a really big deal to make me happy. I too like that in a vendor. They are way up there in my book, too.
Hugs, DJ in SW MI, USA

Anne-Marie said...

Thanks for the positive kudos. I've given a big public thank-you to Adrienne in Customer Service who worked on your leakage. I'm sorry about the hassle though. Here's to hoping that future orders have better luck making it intact!