Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I know, I've got to post more often. They now have Blogger blocked at the office so...


I rolled my performance bonus and my year end gift from management (both in the form of a VIP gift card that I can "cash in" on their website) into a pre-paid Visa, which came in today. Of course, I headed over to Bramble Berry to get my Fragrance Oil fix.

I have a rather odd way of figuring out my orders. Or I'm guessing it's a bit odd, since I've gotten funny looks from both my mother and my husband. I go through the site and get my "must have, no matter what" items (restocking standard scents, tools, etc). Then I start adding anything that catches my eye or makes me go "OHHHH!" (Which, unfortunately for me, is most of Bramble Berry's FO line up! Darn you Anna Marie! *shakes fist* *sniffs at the bottle of Basmati Rice FO sitting at the computer desk and forgives completely*) Then I start paring down my shopping cart, since I'm waaay over budget (more so, this time since I have a set amount on the card.)

Doesn't match seasonal theme? If the description doesn't make me absolutely drool, out it goes.

Too close to another scent? Compare prices and the least expensive stays...this time.

Look at total. Still too high by a few hundred.

Do I really need those colors? I've got some that are similar that I can darken or lighten as needed, out they go.

Do I really need the herbs? Well..... ok, some stay, some get moved to my next order.

Total is still just over double the budget.

Since the husband tends to go "sounds good" to just about every FO description, I've learned not to call him in for help. I pull out the big guns and call Mom. I pull up my wish list, and the FO description list and let her pare things down. Two or three passes later, I'm right where I was targeting.

With a huge wish list for later. (Common income tax return!)

Valentines Day line up -

New: Pepper Berry and Berry Wine Artisan Bars.
Glycerin soaps in English Rose, Champagne, Dark Chocolate, Rosehip Jasmine, and Jasmine Dreams.

General Spring line up: The florals listed above in Artisan Bars, Grass Stain.

Summer Line up: Tropical Vacation, Sea Moss, Rise and Shine, Energy, and Cucumber Mellon.

Can't wait!

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Anne-Marie said...

Pepperberry is awesome. It totally blends with everything and anything and enhances it, like the actual spice.

And Tropical Vacation moves fast and tends to sweat out scent so be prepared for that. =)