Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Martians are coming!


Scented with Lychee Red Tea FO, each ship has a mini martian who just wants to come out and play.

Biggest problem is that you can barely see the martians peaking out from the porthole on the rocket ships. I have a feeling that the two you see in the background are the only two who are going to be blasting off with crew. The saucer armada will be growing...indeed it will.

I just discovered that Organic Creations no longer carries my translucent base. Looks like I'll be moving to Bramble Berry's clear base and/or shaving soap base for that once I run through the last eight pounds of my translucent. And yes, I checked... as long as I don't get the bulk base, my glycerin soaps will still be SLS free.


Anne-Marie said...

If you take a sharp knife and cut off the "nub" in front of the martian's face, you'll create a little window and then your world traveller will be able to see =)

Little Shadow Creations said...

~My kids love your martian soaps...Very cute!:)

Izzy said...

These are so cute!